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Shower – Full Height (FH-S) new


The FH Full Height partition system is the perfect system for complete cubicle privacy. The FH system has floor to ceiling panels and doors with clearances of 20mm FFL and 55mm FCL. The 55mm clearance at the top of the doors allows the lift off hinges to function in case of emergency. The FH partition system is the next best thing to an individual room but at a fraction of the cost.

The FH Full Height partition system is the perfect option for unisex cubicles and it complies with the NCC(BCA) 2015 F2.5(a)(i) requirements for unisex facilities. Enhanced privacy and security can be delivered by adding TPI’s Modulux Total Privacy Solution which completely eliminates the door gaps.

The system’s simple mounting gives the FH an elegant minimalism lifting it above mere utility. If you require a robust, high volume cubicle that sits apart from a standard public toilet aesthetic, the FH is for you.

The FH is anchored directly to the floor and therefore is only available in our waterproof material – compact laminate.

Available as Supply & Install only.


How to Specify TPI’s Recommended Configuration

TPI FH-S-13CL – Full Height Shower with seat/shelf and splash nib in 13mm compact laminate. With Modulux ® Total Privacy Solution. Door Furniture to be Metlam Xcel series. Aluminum to be Square Clear Anodised. Screw fixing.




Additional information

Additional information

Standard Dimensions

Height: Up to 3000mm maximum
Depth: 1800mm nominal
Frontal: 300mm minimum (w)
Doors: Full height with 20mm off FFL & 55mm off FCL x 595mm (w) – 600mm opening
Ambulant Doors: Full height with 20mm off FFL & 55mm off FCL
Shower Seat: 300mm x 900mm nominal
Splash Nib: 300mm x 1700mm nominal FCL x 720-750mm (w) – 700mm Min. opening

Material Options

13mm Compact Laminate

Privacy Edge (optional)

TPI’s patented Modulux® Total Privacy Solution for the ultimate in cubicle privacy.

Door Furniture

Metlam® Xcel series (standard)
Metlam® Xcel series Black (optional)
Novas Pinnacle (optional)
Novas Ultima (optional)
Metlam® 300 (optional)

Aluminium Profile

Square Clear Anodised
Square Powdercoated