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Shower – Ceiling Suspended Floating Base (CS-S)

CS cubicles are an enduring classic in TPI’s range, desirable for their appearance to float above your featured floor in defiance of gravity. Underpinning their light touch, TPI’s superior engineering means our CS cubicles remain solid, ridged and sturdy, long into the future. By avoiding floor connections the CS cubicle eliminates dirt traps and mop detritus ensuring a pleasant and airy environment. Easy to clean also means lower maintenance costs.

Available as Supply & Install only.


How to Specify TPI’s Recommended Configuration
TPI CS-S-13CL-Ceiling Suspended Floating Base Shower with shower seat/shelf and splash nib in 13mm Compact Laminate. Door Furniture to be Metlam Xcel series. Aluminium to be Square Clear Anodised. Screw Fixing.




Additional information

Additional information

Standard Dimensions

Height: 3000mm (maximum)
Depth: 1800mm nominal
Frontal: 300mm minimum (w)
Doors: 1700mm (h) x 595mm (w) – 600mm opening
Ambulant Doors: 1700 mm (h) x 720-750mm (w)
Shower Seat: 300mm x 900mm nominal
Splash Nib: 300mm x 1700mm nominal
Floor Clearance: 200mm

Material Options

13mm Compact Laminate

Privacy Edge (optional)

TPI’s patented Modulux® Total Privacy Solution for the ultimate in cubicle privacy.

Door Furniture

Metlam® Xcel series (standard)
Metlam® Xcel series Black (optional)
Novas Pinnacle (optional)
Novas Ultima (optional)
Metlam® 300 (optional)

Aluminium Profile

Square Clear Anodised
Square Powdercoated