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Cubicle – Floor Mounted Ceiling Fixed (FC)

The FC is one of the sturdiest systems TPI offers. Anchored by a single frontal running from floor to ceiling, with no panel or hardware joints, it’s durability makes it eminently suited to weathering the daily bumps and knocks of a high volume environment. When the FC goes up it stays up.

The system’s simple mounting gives the FC an elegant minimalism lifting it above mere utility. If you require a robust, high volume cubicle that sits apart from a standard public toilet aesthetic, the FC is for you.

The FC is anchored directly to the floor so only available in our waterproof materials: economical compact laminate and prestige polished stone. The FC is a favourite within TPI’s classic, performance and prestige ranges.

Available as Supply & Install.
Available as Supply only.

How to Specify TPI's Recommended Configuration
TPI FCa13CL Floor Mounted Ceiling Fixed in 13mm Compact Laminate. With Modulux® Total Privacy Solution. Door Furniture to be Metlam Xcel series. Aluminium to be Square Clear Anodised. Screw fixing.



Additional information

Additional information

Standard Dimensions

Height: Max. Up to 3000mm maximum
Depth: 1600mm nominal
Frontal: 200mm minimum (w)
Doors: 1700mm (h) x 595mm (w) – 600mm opening
Ambulant Doors: 1700mm (h) x 720-750mm (w)
Floor Clearance: 200mm

Ceiling Fixing

FCa – Angle Fixed (fixings discreet but will require secure fixing points above the ceiling)
FCo – Continuous Channel (aluminium channel visible at ceiling joint). This more robust fixing option and does not require extra secure fixing points.

Material Options

13mm Compact Laminate

20mm Stone

12mm Laminated Acrylic (door only)

18mm Timber Veneer (door only)

19mm Nuvex (doors only)

19mm Design Board (doors only)

Privacy Edge (optional)

TPI’s patented Modulux® Total Privacy Solution for the ultimate in cubicle privacy (available only in 13mm Compact Laminate and 12mm Laminated Acrylic doors).

Door Furniture

Metlam® Xcel series (standard)
Metlam® Xcel series Black (optional)
Novas Pinnacle (optional)
Metlam® 300 (optional)

Aluminium Profile

Square Clear Anodised
Square Powdercoated

XL Door Option

With XL doors as close as 55mm to the ceiling and 20mm off the floor, the FC XL Door Option creates a wall of texture and colour showcasing materials while creating maximum privacy.