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Is the most practical material for Toilet Partitions, particularly wet and high traffic environments such as toilet cubicles, change rooms, playgrounds and hospitals.

  • Impact, Fire and Scratch Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Bacteria resistant
  • Large range of colours and finishes

Compact Laminate sheet has a high resistance to impact, scratching, fire, water and humidity due to its high density.

This durable product does not decompose, is resistant to bacteria and is easily cleaned and presents a great variety of design alternatives due to the range of colours and surface finish options.

Compact Laminate Colour Palettes

Lead times vary from each manufacturer.

Our Compact Laminate Partners

We work with the leading manufactures and suppliers of Compact Laminate from Australia and around the world and proudly offer you the full spectrum of colours and finishes.
Most of our partition designs are available in 13mm Compact Laminate.