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Cubicle – Floor Mounted Free Standing (FF)

A highly resolved design with a simple shape that sits well in any room. The FF is the dinner suit of cubicles. Quiet lines, great in a row, its minimalism makes the FF a strong contender for briefs requiring prestige.


Secret-fixed to the floor with a clean overhead line incorporating flush T joins allows the FF to create a single structural element in a room. This allows your choice of materials to come to the fore, whether that’s dark oak, engineered stone or colour.


Recommended by TPI for prestige applications, Floor Mounted, Free Standing cubicles can built economically, to great effect, in Compact Laminate or for premium installations, in engineered stone.


Available as Supply & Install only.


How to Specify TPI's Recommended Configuration
TPI FF13CL Floor Mounted Free Standing in 13mm Compact Laminate. With Modulux® Total Privacy Solution. Door Furniture to be Metlam Xcel series. Aluminium to be Square Clear Anodised. Screw fixing.


NOTE:  This system can only be installed on a concrete slab.




Additional information

Additional information

Standard Dimensions

Height: 1900mm
Depth: 1600mm nominal
Frontal: 260mm minimum (w) for structural integrity
Doors: 1700mm (h) x 595mm (w) – 600mm opening
Ambulant Doors: 1700mm (h) x 720-750mm (w)
Floor Clearance: 200mm

Material Options

13mm Compact Laminate

20mm Stone
12mm Laminated Acrylic (door only)

Privacy Edge (optional)

TPI’s patented Modulux® Total Privacy Solution for the ultimate in cubicle privacy (available only in 13mm Compact Laminated and 12mm Laminated Acrylic doors).

Door Furniture

Metlam® Xcel series (standard)
Metlam® Xcel series Black (optional)
Novas Pinnacle (optional)
Metlam® 300 (optional)

Aluminium Profile

Square Clear Anodised
Square Powdercoated

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