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North Blackburn Shopping Centre

About the Project:
North Blackburn Shopping Centre (VIC) has recently undergone a significant refurbishment – breathing life back into the centre. TPI manufactured and installed Floor Mounted Ceiling Fixed (FC) cubicles and panels for architecturally designed restrooms. The FC design is anchored by a single frontal running from floor to ceiling, with no panel or hardware joints, its durability makes it eminently suited to weathering the daily bumps and knocks of a high volume environment.

Featuring Aquamarine 13mm compact laminate panels in the Feeding Room and Natural Walnut doors and panels in Moleskin for the cubicles.


Compact Laminate sheet has a high resistance to impact, scratching, fire, water and humidity due to its high density. This durable product does not decompose, is resistant to bacteria and is easily cleaned


August 6, 2021