Compact Laminate

Is the most practical material for Toilet Partitions, particularly wet and high traffic environments such as toilet cubicles, change rooms, playgrounds and hospitals. Compact Laminate sheet has a high resistance to impact, scratching, fire, water and humidity due to its high density.

This durable product does not decompose, is resistant to bacteria and is easily cleaned and presents a great variety of design alternatives due to the range of colours and surface finish options.


We prefer 12mm Zenolite which is made from two layers of acrylic, co-extruded into a single sheet. A vibrant colour layer is fused with a stunningly clear top layer to create a panel of incredible depth, gloss and clarity. It is easy to clean and repairable making it perfect for graffiti prone areas that need a sophisticated Glass-like Toilet Partition.


Due to its durability and graffiti-resistant properties Stone makes a durable and beautiful partition for Municipal and heavy-use public areas.  Our most recent example is the Powerhouse Museum which sees over 500,000 visitors per year. A supremely durable cubicle was needed and Stone Toilet Partitions fit the bill.  Stone is also used in Luxury boardroom washrooms.

Timber Veneers

When aesthetics are the key to a commercial bathroom design Timber Veneer Toilet Partitions are both beautiful and elegant.  Not suitable for areas that need to be hosed down or vandal-resistant.

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