Australia’s Best Toilet Awards

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For the last 2 years, TPI has manufactured and installed toilet partitions in the winning bathrooms of Australia’s Best Toilet Awards.

2018 saw Merryland RSL win for it’s user-focused design with thoughtful touches like professional lighting around the custom mirrors to accommodate easy make up retouches, designated hooks and shelves for jackets, bags and phones.

The cubicles have self-closing partitions and spillage won’t be a problem with the extra-wide floor drains below urinals. TPI supplied partitions that give a five-star look and feel, and from a design point look luxurious but don’t skimp in the areas of safety and efficiency.


The 2019 winner was Blacktown Westpoint’s bathroom redesign which used TPI’s Pedestal Mounted Ceiling Fixed partition design in a wood-grain finish. This is one of TPI’s most popular designs as it maximises the feeling of space in low ceiling rooms whilst delivering a streamlined, vertical aesthetic. It is also easy to clean and gives a feeling of extra privacy.

The centre’s bathrooms ticked all the boxes in terms of design, innovation, aesthetics and functionality and was the ultimate winner.